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Slomosive Bio for 2017

Growing up on an eclectic diet of classical, doo-whop, jazz, and blues provided by her parent and grand parents, record collection, Slomosive is hard to pin down musically. Inspired by her family's love of music, Slomosive took up the piano at the age of 7.

It was only 10 years later Slomosive discovered late night techno parties, and the hard bass lines of Drum and Bass artist Dieselboy. She isntantly fell in love with the scene and promptly invested into some technique turntables. Slomosive began her rise as a artist in Arkansas in the early 2000s, playing house parties, basement parties, and abandoned warehouses.


Since then, Slomosive has gained favor among her peers in Arkansas. Even being dubbed as the "First Lady of Bass" with Mix Mafia Dj Group out of Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. Shortly after in 2012 Slomosive was granted the opportunity to expand her talents and more to the West Coast, now residing and working out of San Francisco, Bay Area. Playing parties, Afterhours, renegades, and festivals all over the West Coast and Mexico.


It is very clear during Slomosive's live shows that her love of Bass is very Clear. And the interworkings of her sound has a very old school flavor showing her roots to the south of the United States. Were the crowd cheers on the DJ if they shut down the system for too much BASS. Slomosive gets the review of ,"you dont present your music like a girl, all melodic and pretty, you play like a boy, with Hard Bass lines and Heavy beat down mixes." Slomosive's response to this everytime is , YA TU already know!!!!

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