Most of the new breed of jet setting club and rave DJs come from such cities as New York, London and Chicago, but Eric Mendez -hails from San Francisco re-presenting the West Coast worldwide.  

He began his mission on the decks back in the summer of 1992. His focus on music from the land of funk and disco, was triggered while playing the club and warehouse scene in San Francisco.

As one of the major players in laying the foundations of a strong West Coast dance scene, Satori has always been a master of mixing the crowd with the music. Neatly avoiding pigeonholing, while embracing a myriad of different styles, his set creates a warm unique vibe of empathy on the dance floor. Satori's legendary sets at Swamppeople Guadalajara, Sound Textures S.F. to the most underground lofts, and warehouse parties like tribal massive funky tekno tribe parties in Southern California. 

Not only does he regularly devastate dance floors in prestigious clubs and back in the day @ Medusas in Mexico City, to the smallest loft parties, but he can also send a crowd of ravers into a euphoric groove. 

That's rare these days in a scene where there are sizable walls between the two ends of the dance music spectrum. While most star DJ's are one-note musicians sticking to a single subgenera of music, Satori' s live sets bring many styles of music as well as people together. 

In this age of specialized formats among DJ's and producers, what sets Eric Mendez apart from his peers is his ability to spin everything from progressive techno, tech house, funk, tribal, and classics in a set, while having it all make sense.


Cholaos Barzal – Frente a la Clinica Universidad Cooperativa – Villavicencio

Cholaos Sexta Etapa de la Esperanza – Villavicencio

Cholaos Centro Comercial Unico – Villavicencio

House - tech house - tribal - progressive - minimal techno

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Constantly touring, he can be found playing records everywhere from Santo Domingo to Las Vegas, and everywhere in between. Now residing in S.F. he has begun to spread his vibe through making music in the studio as well as playing it.